Rainy Day Quotes

Rainy Day Quotes

Rainy Day Quotes

Rainy day quotes can give us lot of happiness and this endorses the way we feel on a rainy day. Our nostalgia, our excitement, in seeing the rain dripping down over the earth’s surface, constantly for a certain period of time certainly get enhanced by the fabulous rainy day quotes that we come across on every rainy day.

Some of the rainy day quotes that make us happy were put forward by well known celebrities and personalities who have acquired considerable amount of fame in the society. Some of them are rainy day quotes given by poets, writers and philosophers that truly inspire us in life.

Every single individual has a love for rain and there is no dearth of rainy day quotes these days. We all get very tempted when it rains. When the rain comes down to the earth, the smell of wet soil makes us to get nostalgic.

Rainy day quotes give you plenty of ideas about the things one can do on a rainy day. You can sit near the fireplace for getting yourself warm and comfortable or watching it rain outside through your window pane. So such rainy day quotes and sayings about rain will fill your heart with lot of happiness and joy during each of the rainy days.

Quotes about weather can be illustrated in the most beautiful way by weather sayings. Quotes about weather can be of many different types.

These are rainy day quotes, windy day quotes and snow quotes that are also known as snow sayings.

Rainy Day Quotes

John Ruskin mentioned in his rainy day quote that a bright sun is fabulous; rain gives us a great charming feeling and a pleasant wind embraces us with love and a snow is exciting.

According to him no weather can be termed as bad or adverse weather conditions. Each type of weather has its own benefits and it exerts its benefits in different manner. Each weather condition has its qualities and each one of these has some good implications or the other.

Another really fabulous rainy day quote states that a person who considers sunshine as a messenger of happiness thinks in such a way because the person have never experienced the happiness that one can feel after playing and dancing in the rain.

According to the rainy day quote given by the great literary poet, Rabindranath Tagore, the advent of the floating clouds in our lives does not bring the rain or storm along with it but it brings a stroke of bright colors on the sky after sunset.

He is referring to the bright colorful rainbow that is visible after a rain stops.

Rainy Day Quotes

This famous rainy day quote can be an inspiration to us as it educates every individual, how he or she should look at life.

This quote actually meant that a bad phase does not bring miseries in life but it gives an indication that it is followed by another good phase of life.

Some of the sad rainy day quotes state that a mane criticizes the rain falling over his head as he is unaware that it abundantly keep him away from hunger.

A sad rainy day quote that fills our heart with emotional feeling was put forward by Muriel Spark. He mentioned in his rainy day quote that rain is considered to be secret behavior of nature where it is mocking fine weather.

According to him a fine weather carries a greater impact in the minds of the people who have passed through a very depressed and tormented state in life.

Rainy Day Quotes

This is because; such a heart has been feeling down due to all the adversaries. So a fine, bright and sunny weather is considered to be the messenger of happiness, one who is bringing news of joy and prosperity.

Another wonderful rainy day quote says that we human beings do not have anything to do in order to stop it from raining as it is beyond our control. So, when it rains, we should simply watch it rain without thinking much about its implications.

Apart from rainy day quotes, there also has been occasions where we have come across sayings and quotes for windy day and snow sayings.

A really nice one among the snow sayings mention that although there are plenty of people across the whole world who like the feeling of a snowy weather, but practically snow is just an irrelevant frozen state of water.

This also teaches us about how the importance of an object changes in accordance with the way one looks at it. Some of the amazing quotes for weather have mentioned that weather should be considered as a symbolism of life, it can be favorable, and there will be times when the weather becomes harsh and unfavorable just like life.

it can be favorable, and there will be times when the weather becomes harsh and unfavorable just like life.

And just like you carry an umbrella in order to keep yourself guarded from the adversaries of the weather, similarly an individual also tries to bear with all the adversaries in life by simply taking a guard against it.

This wonderful quote about weather was put forward by Terri Gullimets.

Romantic Rainy Day Quotes

We come across plenty of romantic rainy day quotes. These are perfect quotes to be told to your love. So these are also known as rainy love quotes. Such of these romantic rainy day quotes will infuse a feeling of romanticism within you.

One of such rainy love quotes mention that a rainy day should be considered as the appropriate time when you can take a walk along the woods.

Then only, you will experience the magic that it carries along with it. Another rainy love quote mentions that what a child should never be asked what intends to do on a rainy day.

This is because rain renders purity to the soul of the child. So whatever he does, it won’t seem normal to the father.

An amazing rainy day love quote mentions that rain is considered to be the aspect that truly nurtures the soul and the serenity of an individual.

“Build your own dreams, Or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” – Farrah Gray

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Christopher Columbus

“Fall in love…. Or die trying.” – Santiago

“A man may die, Nations may rise and fall, But idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.” – John F.Kennedy

“Ask yourself this question, Will this matter a year from now ?.” – Richard Carlson

“Suicide doesn’t take away the pain, It gives it to someone else.” – Anonymous

“There are decades when nothing happens, And there are weeks when decades happen.” – Lenin

These amazing rainy day quotes and all such quotes about weather infuse a feeling of happiness, joy and mirth and also educate us on how we should look at life at different junctures of our life.

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