Family Quotes

Family Quotes

Family Quotes, On this site I will publish various quotes about family, which I think reflects the essence of the family and that I most enjoy. So this is my subjective compendium of quotes about family of well-known and not very historic persons.

The main sense and the home life purpose – education of children the main school of education of children – mutual relations of the husband and the wife, the father and mother.

The reasonable spouse! If you wish, that your husband spent a free time beside you, keep in mind that it did not find so much gratefulness in any other place, pleasures, modesty and tenderness.
(Piphagor Samos.)

Not marrying till thirty five years, annually should pay such sum that it not seemed to it as if bachelorhood bring to it simplification and benefit.

Family – one of nature masterpieces.
(George Santajana.)

Without equality there is no marriage really. The wife excluded from all interests, the occupying her husband, alien to them, not dividing them, – the concubine, the housekeeper, the nurse, but not in full, in a noble word meaning.

inspirational family quotes

The most part of men demands from the wives of advantages whom they do not stand.

To men is much better, than to women: first. They marry, secondly, later die earlier.
(Henry Luis Menken.)

At first love, then marriage: at first a flame, then a smoke.
(Nikola Shamfor.)

Marriage and its bonds either the greatest good, or the greatest harm, the middle is not present. Marriage the most expensive treasure of people when the consent of souls and hearts, feelings, tastes and characters pull together its bonds created by the nature, connected by love, and improved by honour. My God! What pleasure to like openly and to bear a name of the favorite person. Your children, precious the pledge born from love, serve as its new bonds. Such marriage, such expensive union if it meets – the sky on the earth.
(Voltaire (Mari François Arue)).

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